After all, the story of Kaho began in my mind several years ago, when I was on the brink of job exhaustion. I didn't fall off the edge, but it taught me a lot. I learned that if I don't control the direction of my life, everyone else will. Little by little, I rediscovered the somewhat dusty stubbornness and persistence that I built up through reading and study. I realised that I was by no means in the minority in thinking about my life's purpose, and dreaming big. I wanted meaning. Meaningfulness in every job, in everything I did, and later in entrepreneurship and its success.

I work with businesses and communities to achieve a more efficient but smarter working life. We look at the big picture from the perspective of the individual and the community, but also from the perspective of systems and structures. Standard questions that we work with clients to address include What does this mean for us? Why are we doing this?

My entrepreneurial coaching is very much about self-management, prioritisation and ways of working. You don't have to be everywhere doing everything all the time, but with planning and control you can achieve more. I think that the strategies and visions familiar from the corporate world are particularly important for small businesses and entrepreneurs, because they cannot afford to do anything unnecessary or extra without an immediate cash effect. An entrepreneur is a human being, so my coaching always considers the entrepreneur as an individual. If you fall apart as a civilian, the effects often spill over to the business side and vice versa. It's human, but you have to be aware of it and recognise it.