Kahoha's story began in my imagination several years ago, when I was standing on the edge of burnout. I didn't fall off that edge, but it taught me a lot. I learned that if I don't control the direction of my life, it will be controlled by everyone else. Little by little, I rediscovered in myself that slightly dusty stubbornness and perseverance that I built stronger by reading a lot of mind and life management literature. I realized that I was by no means in the minority when I thought about the meaning of my life, and when I dreamed big.

I ended up studying at LCA Finland as a Life&Business Coach, and during my studies I understood what it was all about: I wanted more and better content in my life. Something that was meaningful to me. I wanted a better life and working life holistically, and at that moment there was no choice but to start building it myself.

Today, I work with different companies and communities to achieve a more meaningful and humane working life. We study entities from the perspective of both the individual and the community, but also from the perspective of systems and structures. Standard questions that we try to solve with our customers include: What does this mean for us? Why are we doing this?

My individual coaching largely delves into issues related to working life and entrepreneurship, such as What are my responsibilities and duties as an individual in a big picture? and What am I like as an employee, manager, learner or in different interaction situations?

My services are always customer-specific entities, so contact us and let's start thinking together which problem needs to be solved and how.