What business partners have to say

"Cooperation with Emmi has been fruitful in our digital project, which is creating an electronic work guidance tool for our company's use! Emmi knows how to grasp the essentials and takes things straight towards the goal state with her own cheerful and upbeat appearance! ”

-Ville-Veikko Pätäri, Project Manager, Efora Oy

"Emmi is a bold and creative advisor who provides insights and inspiration to our clients in a changing world.
Emmi's strong professionalism and captivating personality are reflected in our customer projects and customer satisfaction."

– Pekka Nikki, Sales Director, Integral Oy

"We have been pleased with the tools we have received from the package to develop time management and self-management both as a team and as individuals. Emmi's experience in industrial environments makes it possible to understand the challenges and needs faced by the customer and to offer solutions and operating models suitable for different situations. Emmi's ways of working and great encounter skills make working with her smooth and effortless."

– Santtu Kilpinen, Maintenance Manager, Stora Enso Oyj, Enocell Mill

"I came across Emmi's coaching quite by accident when I was spending my summer in Ruokolahti. I was at a crossroads as an entrepreneur and felt like I needed an outside perspective on my situation. Emmi sparred with me that summer and helped me find a way forward with good questions and assignments. When the next summer came, it was quite obvious that I wanted Emmi to spar again for the summer. The perspectives emmi offers in sparring have been hugely meaningful. They have helped me understand what I want and who I want to work with. Warm recommendation!"

 – Katja Koski, COO/Member of the Board, N Health Technology Oy –

Personal customer stories

"At the beginning of the coaching, I had thought that I needed insight and guidance on a completely different matter. However, as the coaching progressed, I noticed that the problem area related to those things was somewhere else entirely, and Emmi skillfully realized that I could find it, as well as tools to solve that issue. We are still on my way, but I feel that I am in good and understanding hands, and I have more understanding of myself and my ways of working than before. Emmi does not offer ready-made solutions, but helps you find them yourself. A very attentive and calm coach who works with her heart."

-Female, 41

"I joined with a very skeptical mind, because I've never really believed in this kind of "guru" work. However, as the coaching has progressed, I have suddenly realized things about myself and the life I have lived that still strongly affect my habits and attitudes today. After two coaching sessions, I have already gained tools and new insights into managing my life and time. As a coach, Emmi is suitably energetic and insightful, and challenges the trainee excellently to seek answers from within herself."

-Male, 38

"Emmi gave our work team two group coaching sessions, the topics being Well-being as an individual and Self-management and time management. In the well-being section, we received good reminders that you should remember to take care of yourself and how different people act. In the time management section, we got many tips on time-wasters, meeting practices, etc. to the star time savers. As a coach, Emmi is very open and approachable, and its an enjoy to listen to her enthusiastic nature."

-Four-person work team-


"Building and refining a personal brand and profile was transformed in the CV into a presentation of one's own strengths and competences instead of the previous job-oriented CV. Emmi sticks to schedules and agenda. Each meeting also included homework and they were returned to in the following coaching sessions and the issue to be worked on was therefore well kept together. The personality is approachable, warm-hearted and, above all, pro-life, which always made the world look a little brighter after coaching. I learned to think and dig out my own strengths in a different way than before, and the whole skein started to unravel already during the first coaching session during the mapping discussion from a single correct word that Emmi parsed and said out loud!"

-Female 48-