Projects Kahoha

Do you see a picture of business processing in your eyes? Would it be necessary to get something new to the current operation? Whether it's business processes, digitalization, or hands-on operational efficiencies, help is at hand. Contact me and tell me about your needs and let's start making a more detailed plan together.

Price from 89 €/h, VAT 0

Training Services Kahoha

There should be development, but what kind and who would take the booth? I offer you comprehensive project management, from scheduling projects to project manager tasks.

Examples of implemented projects:

  • Systematic expansion of MS Teams use
  • Deploy Sharepoint to internal communication / intranet
  • Zeroni ERP system deployment / extension of use
  • Job guidance digitization project and tool creation

Prices from 95 €/h, VAT 0

Individual coaching Kahoha

Life coaching is a solution-oriented form of guidance that focuses on the customer. The coach does not tell the client what and how to act, but seeks to make the client find the most suitable solutions for him by asking questions. The coach challenges the client to examine their own habits and thoughts, and through this the client finds new perspectives and relevance to things.

Examples of coaching topics:

  • Resources of the entrepreneur
  • Take control of your well-being
  • From coping to flourishing
  • Goal-oriented life

As a rule, the duration of the coaching is 1–1.5h / session and the coaching package usually lasts about 3–5 times / subject area.

The price is always formed on a case-by-case basis, while following the following model:

  • Single coaching session (1h): 80€, incl. VAT
  • Coaching package (3 coaching meetings + initial assessment): 225 €, incl. VAT

Business Coaching Kahoha

A well-functioning work community is invaluable to the company. The importance of an individual employee to the functionality of the work community, on the other hand, can be enormous, for better or for worse. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that the employer is aware of the situation of the personnel as comprehensively as possible. That's why I always ask my customers: What does the well-being of your staff mean to you? Can well-being at work be separated from general well-being?

Examples of work community and company coaching:

  • Workshops for small groups, 2-4h
  • Coaching and facilitation of management and supervisors
  • Change and change management coaching
  • Well-being coaching and surveys of the work community
  • In-house coaching (coach available on site at a pre-agreed time for 6-12 months)

The price is always formed on a case-by-case basis, while following the following model:

  • Individual coaching meeting (1h): 90€, VAT 0%
  • Workshop (2,5h small group coaching for a predetermined need, includes making materials): 610 €, VAT 0
  • In-house coaching 6 months (on-site coach available to the company and employees 5h / week, for 6 months) 4 150 €, VAT 0


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