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Will the action be taken to the next level? Whether it's business processes, digitalisation, practical operational efficiency or operational mapping, help is at hand. Get in touch, tell us about your needs and let's get started together on a more detailed plan for EVERYONE.

Prices from 130 €/h, VAT 0

Individual coaching Kahoha

Life coaching is a solution-focused form of guidance that focuses on the client. The coach does not tell the client what to do and how to do it, but tries to help the client find the most appropriate solutions by asking questions. The coach challenges the client to examine their own habits and thoughts, and through this the client finds new perspectives and meaning in things. Combined with the computational and analytical side of business coaching, this makes for a delicious package in which your business develops alongside your personal self. Win-win in every direction!

The coaching lasts 5 x 60min and includes five private coaching sessions and independent exercises.

780 €, VAT 0%

Business Coaching Kahoha

An understanding and respectful work community is invaluable to a company. It is more than the sum of its parts. The role and importance of management often remains superficial. For those looking for genuinely inclusive working, good change management and systematic communication, look no further.


  • From tragedy to strategy - From abstraction to everyday life
  • Successful change - All the factors involved
  • Why is that like that? - Identifying different personalities and strengths

950 €, VAT 0% / 2,5 h small group training or workshop


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